We work with clients from all over the world, helping them create healthy habits, reduce their risk of chronic health
problems and reduce weight in the process.

Our goal is visible and long-lasting results.

Scientific studies show that different people, even twins with almost identical DNA, react differently to the same
foods. That’s why “one-size-fits-all” diets are ineffective, and the only way to succeed is with an individual approach.
That is why our dietician creates an individual nutrition plan for each client, based on a detailed interview (including
the client’s taste preferences) and the results of basic medical tests.

A team consisting of a physiotherapist and a trainer proposes optimal forms of physical activity taking into account not only the health and fitness of the client but
also their place of residence and lifestyle.

In turn, our psychologist will provide support (online or by phone) necessary in moments of doubt, as well as advice on how to most effectively and permanently change your current lifestyle for a healthier one. After starting the program, we conduct regular monitoring of the client’s progress and health condition, and introduce necessary optimizations to the program.


Additionally, we can create a
personalized cookbook with
recipes compatible with the
diet designed for the client and
their level of expertise in the

Physiotherapy and

We also have a base of physiotherapists and rehabilitation and leisure centres that meet the requirements of our